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Dead House
Eldritch weird wavers, Screens, seeped into existence in early 2009, after Washington, D.C. defectors, drummer Andrew Becker (Dischord Records’, Medications) and vocalist Breck Brunson (psych-sludge purveyors, The Apes) hooked up with keyboardist, Daniel Roland Tierney (San Francisco aggressors, The Mall) and guitarist, Luke Kozikowski in New York City.

After bonding over their mutual affection for Harry Partch, Harry Nilsson and Harry Pussy, the quartet began congregating in a Lavvu above a Sami fish market, perfecting a sound that simultaneously sounded like a soothing Congolese dust storm and a toddler exploding in the night. Following countless frenzied shows in the moistest of east coast squats, Screens decamped to the rock and roll mecca of Hockessin, Delaware with reclusive and DMT diluted super-producer, L. Skell (remarkably overweight genius behind 2007’s unheralded classic “Eldridge Skell’s The Rude Staircase – Sookie Jump”) and engineer, Nick Krill (The Spinto Band), to craft a spirited mess of unbridled dystopia slathered in a rich, pasty, psychedelic batter.
Dead House
May 17, 2011
Dead House
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Dead House